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5 Weight Loss Hacks You Can Do Right Now!

Lose Weight, Feel Energized, Improve Your Quality of Life With These Simple Weight Loss Hacks

Any honest Personal Trainer will tell you that you cannot out work a poor diet. In my experience, the clients that have the best results aren't just the ones that consisently show up for their workouts, they're the ones that understand half of the work comes in the kitchen. A healthy diet/nutrition plan is a massive part of your overall health and wellness.

To help jumpstart your success, here are 5 Weight Loss Hacks that anyone can do right now.

  1. Drink More Water

If we've worked together, you've heard me say this 100 times. Drinking the right amount of water every day is a huge benefit to your health. It improves your skin, boosts your energize, hydrates your muscles which allows you to push further in your workouts, and also fills you up to decrease cravings. According to the Mayo Clinic, the daily recommendation is 124 oz for Men and 92 oz for Women. I routinely hit my water goals by bringing my 30oz YETI with me wherever I go and highly recommend bringing a thermos with you to the office and in the car, or even just around the house.

2. The Rotisserie Chicken

A simple trick bodybuilders and health/fitness professionals use to hit their daily protein requirements is to keep several rotisserie chickens in the house at all times. I LOVE this strategy and have used it to maintain a single digit body fat percentage for my entire adult life. Every week, I'll go to the market (Costco has the best roto chickens for $$ but you do you) and pick up at least 2 chickens. I immediately carve the white meat off the bone and store it so I can make any number of healthy, high protein meals including chicken soup, quesadillas, lemon chicken, etc. Not only do you have 3-5 healthy meal options, but you save time because the cooking has been done for you!

3. Steamer Vegetables

In a perfect world, we'd all have time to go to the market daily and pick out our fresh veg for cooking that night. Unfortunately, most people are too busy to run to the market every night. To save time AND pack your diet with vitamins and nutrients, keep 5-10 bags of steamable vegetables in your freezer. Every night, I add a healthy portion of veg to my plate and it only takes 6 minutes in the microwave! Also, since most veg is low in calories and high in fiber, you can eat large portions and still maintain your caloric window!

4. Healthy Snacks on Hand

As you may notice, most of these hacks are about saving TIME! The main reason put make poor food choices is their schedule. To combat the clock, we need to plan ahead and healthy options available for those moments we just can't throw a full meal together. Here's a list of healthy snack options that you can often find pre-packed or single serving:

Mixed nuts


Greek Yogurt

Raw vegetables

Fresh fruit

Cottage Cheese

Hard Boiled Eggs

Oatmeal (Low Sugar)

Protein Bars (Low Sugar)


5. Brush & Floss After Dinner

This is a mental hack that I use every night. After making dinner and clearing the table, I immediately brush and floss my teeth. Why? Because it takes a few minutes and I know if I eat something else like dessert or a snack I'll have to repeat the entire process. This is a great way to keep yourself from indulging in sweets and empty calories at the end of the night and a hack that I highly recommend.

If you need more health creating a nutrition plan to reach your weight loss goals, you can book a Free Trial Session today and jump start your healthy 2024!

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