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Can You Drink Diet Soda AND Lose Weight?

Obesity is on the rise in America, now impacting 40% of the population. Today we’re looking at one of the main culprits of obesity and weight gain: Soda.

The average 12 oz can of soda contains 35-40 grams of sugar and 140+ calories and the average American drinks approx. 36 GALLONS of soda every year!

But, what about DIET SODA? The can claims to have 0-5 calories and 0 grams of sugar. This is too good to be true, right? Can Diet Soda actually be part of a healthy weight loss plan?

Here Are 3 Truths About Diet Soda:


As I’ve been stressing, weight loss is math. Are you burning more calories than you are consuming, thus creating a caloric deficit?

If you are a regular soda drinker, probably not.  You’re likely consuming an extra 1000-2000 calories every week of empty calories.

Now, imagine you make the switch to Diet Soda. All of a sudden, that 1-2000 calorie surplus is now a deficit! That would equate to losing 2+ pounds every single week! That’s massive! And you’re still getting the sweet, carbonated goodness of soda minus the calories.

In this sense, Diet Soda is one of the best/fastest/easiest weight loss hacks a person can make to see near instant results.


Regular Soda has a diabolical effect on your brain. It hits your sweet tooth without satisfying it, leading to more and more consumption without satisfaction. It can even lead to overeating as the sweet tooth trigger can increase cravings.

Diet Soda, on the other hand, really only leads to one thing: going to the bathroom more. Without the excess calories, you can have a can or two of diet soda without the guilt of weight gain. But …

And this is where being honest about yourself as an individual becomes a factor. You have to know how your body responds to anything sweet.

If you drink a can and it leads to nothing but another can, that’s fine. Continue on your way. However, if a can of Diet Soda leads to a junk food binge or a mindless eating session, then you have to accept that it cannot be part of your weight loss plan.

Moderation is key and moderation involves will power.


We know why Regular Soda is bad for you, the sugar! But what about those delicious artificial sweeteners? Aren’t they even worse?

I used to think so, but new evidence leads to new conclusions.  In recent years, the majority of studies into the subject have found that artificial sweeteners do not have a causative impact on weight loss, but a correlative impact.

This means that artificial sweeteners on their own have very little impact on weight gain. Those who use artificial sweeteners and gain weight have been shown to engage in other negative health behaviors that are more likely the cause of their weight gain that just the sweeteners alone.

Conclusion? Yes, Diet Soda can absolutely be a part of your weight loss plan. In some cases, it can lead to MASSIVE weight loss and, in other cases, it can help maintain your current level of health by satiating cravings.

As with most things, enjoy in moderation and you will be fine!

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