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How's The Diet Going?

As part of my 2024 New Year Program, I’ve given each of my clients a Calorie Plan calculated by their body weight and designed to help them gradually achieve their goal weight via a loss of 1-2 pounds per week, 2-4 in extreme cases.

How has it been going? Well, through 3 weeks of January, the results have been sensational! Every client who has stuck to the program of logging their food, staying within their caloric limit, hitting their goals of 8-10k steps per day, and completing their strength training has already dropped pounds!

In fact, this past Saturday, every single client happily told me they’re down 5+ pounds, some even breaking 10! They all describe similar feelings of increased energy, better mood, improved gut health, and clothes fitting more comfortably.

The most diligent clients have even sent me photos of their meals so I can validate their selections or offer suggestions for improvement.

But what about you? What if you’re not hitting your weight loss goals? What if you’re in that dire late January rut of signing up for a gym membership, going a few times a week, and not seeing any results?

It might be time to adjust. Even if you don’t join my program and get a specific Calorie Plan and Personalized Strength Training Routine, you can still make changes to your current regimen in hopes of shedding a few pounds.

Here are 3 adjustments right off the bat …


If you absolutely refuse to log what you eat and count calories, then everything we do is a rough estimate. The first step to fixing that? Look at your plate. Can you see any underneath the food or is that real estate covered? Taking 3/4 or even a 1/2 portion of something you love is already cutting calories as opposed to the full portion. 1 glass of wine is much better than 3-5. 2 cookies are better than 10. This is a step in the right direction without taking the full plunge


This is a no brainer. This is additional activity you can do without going to the gym. Again, even though most smart phones have step counting already enabled, maybe you hate checking it. Maybe you refuse? Why are you so difficult!? Kidding. It’s fine. Every hour, stand up from your desk and do a quick lap. At the end of the day, think about if you’re more fatigued than usual, if you feel as though you’ve gotten more activity than usual. Step tracking is the goal, but just consciously increasing activity is helpful


Sorry. I’m a buzzkill. While alcohol may be fun, it’s literally poisoning your body. There is no health benefit to drinking, certainly not in heavy regularity. Alcohol slows your metabolism to a halt, dehydrates your body, and fills you with sugar. No thank you. If you refuse to count calories and track steps, cutting alcohol can lead to RAPID weight loss depending on how often you regularly indulge.

These are just basic, common sense suggestions. The best way to achieve your weight loss and body recomposition goal is to sign up for my program. The wait list is growing so don’t hesitate!

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