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Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth While Dieting!

Updated: Feb 21

‘I can’t diet. I’m not giving up my *insert dessert/drink/deep dish pizza of choice here*’.

That is the first hurdle clients will hold up when I hit them with the truth: you cannot outwork a poor nutrition plan.

If your goal is weight loss, it does not matter what you do in the gym if you’re not putting a similar effort into the kitchen.

But, here’s the good news: you can still lose weight and enjoy healthy, low calorie snacks along the way!

I’m living proof! 8 weeks into my diet (and 7 pounds down!), I enjoy cookies, frozen yogurt, pancakes/waffles, and other yummy treats EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.

The keys to doing it are A) enjoying your treats in moderation and B) finding low calorie substitutes that still satiate your cravings for something sweet or salty.

In that vein, here are 5 low calorie yet delicious alternatives that can help you through a 12 week diet plan when your cravings are besting your will power.


I love to bake. When not dieting, I’ll make everything from cheesecakes to pies to brownies and everything else my stomach can contain. But, on a diet, I had to find a low calorie alternative to the buttery, chocolatey cravings that remain.

Enter one of my favorite resources:

Below is the link to their recipe for Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies that sub out some butter and sugar for healthier alternatives while still creating a delicious cookie that is only 64 calories!

I bake 30 of these at a time and grab a few whenever I need a little guilt free sugar throughout the day!


Buyer Beware! Do not fall for just any yogurt or parfait or you will end up eating 20-30 grams of sugar per serving and destroying your daily calorie allotment. Always read the nutrition information!

I hunted far and wide to find a Non Fat Strawberry Greek Yogurt that is only 130 calories per 3/4 cup serving. Target, Aldi, and Mariano’s all had similar versions so you can find a healthy option wherever you shop.

This can be a great alternative to a big bowl of ice cream, just be sure to measure your serving size and enjoy in moderation!

Image Credit: MSPhotographic/iStock/Getty Images


Here is a great choice for the potato chip or popcorn lover, and you can get it salty or sweet! Depending on the brand, you can snack on 16 rice cakes per serving and only consume 110 calories! That’s amazing! It fills that need to be eating/chewing on something most people experience and drastically reduces the amount of empty calories or bad carbs/fats that people take in while mindlessly eating.

Again, reading the Nutrition Information is crucial. Find a low calorie alternative and keep the saturated fats as low as possible.

Photo Credit: WikiHow


Yes. Please. Thank You. As this diet has rolled on, the best low calorie option is actually an old familiar. Sugar Free Jello or the Snack Pack Equivalent has been a huge find. A single serving is only 5 (yes, 5!!!!!) calories! Meaning I can eat an entire 4 pack and only log 20 calories. Add a little whipped topping at 15 calories per 2 TBSP and I can enjoy a big bowl of sugary goodness for under 50 total calories!

True story, I cleared the shelf at my local target and had to order more on Amazon, lmao!

5 - Fresh Fruits

This one is a no brainer but still should be included. A medium gala apple is only 55 calories. 2 orange cuties are 90 calories. A banana is 100 calories. Trust me, I’ve eaten bag fulls of each over the last 8 weeks.

And the nutritional benefit cannot be understated. Eating fresh fruits instead of processed sugars has improved my energy, increased my vitamin intake, and improved my gut health. Fresh fruit is always the best choice for a snack and something that can be enjoyed every day guilt free.

For more nutritional suggestions and weight loss advice, book your free session today!

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