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The Best Exercises For Your Swimsuit

It’s time. The sun is out. The temperature is up. The beaches are open.

Are you ready to put on that bathing suit with confidence and show off all those winter gains?

In truth, a lot of people have anxiety about being seen in their swimsuits. It’s pretty much impossible to hide the areas we’ve deemed as ‘problems’. Even if other people don’t notice, we notice. And, with every instagram model/Tik Toker setting enhanced, unrealistic expectations for how we’re supposed to look, showing off your beach body can be a scary proposition.

But, don’t worry. There is still time to get in shape, still time to lose weight and gain muscle, still time to look amazing in your swimsuit.

Here are 3 exercises to help improve that beach physique!

*Before starting any exercise plan, consult a healthcare professional.


Want amazing legs and strong glutes to fill out your swimsuit bottoms? Want a great exercise to target your quads, hamstrings, calves, AND glutes? Let’s do some curtsy lunges.

Start with your feet shoulder width apart. Imagine you’re about to do a step back lunge. Now, instead of sending your leg back to 6 o’ clock, aim for 5 o’clock with your left leg and 7 o’clock with your right leg.

This slight adjustment targets more of the lower glute than a normal lunge.

I typically perform 3-4 sets of 16-20 reps. For added resistance, hold appropriate but challenging dumbbells or hold the concentric contraction for a 3-5 count before coming out of it.


How do we get that stunning V-Tapered back to show off while confidently striding into the water?

Let’s grab the TRX and do some 3 way rows.

Start by standing upright, then slowly bring your feet towards the anchor of the TRX. Angle your body so that each row is challenging but manageable.

I like to begin with overhand rows, then switch to a neutral grip, then underhand, then back to the top. This targets the upper, mid, and lower back with each grip change.

Remember, you can quickly row up to the handles, but take your time bringing your body down. This controlled eccentric lower accounts for 50% of the work, don’t rush through it!

I do 3-4 sets of 21-30 reps.


Time to target the core! Unless you’re in a body suit, pretty much every swimsuit will expose your core to the world. Want to get shredded abs and lean obliques? I recommend adding the Hip Dip Core Rotation to your repertoire.

This is one of the more challenging but effective core exercises I do on a daily basis.

Start in a plank on your forearms, then rotate your hips so they are almost touching the floor. Imagine creating a half circle with your body. Pause in the middle so you don’t create any momentum and allow the move to be too easy.

With core exercises, I like to use time instead of reps. Start by aiming for 30 seconds, then increase as you gain strength. Just make sure not to dip your pelvis. You want to keep your core engaged throughout to avoid any back pain.

To lose weight, gain strength, and improve your quality of life, sign up for Personal Training today!

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