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Stretch For 6 Minutes to Improve Your Quality of Life FOREVER

Updated: Oct 18, 2023

Stretching is a massively important, and massively underperformed, aspect of fitness. Keeping your body flexible not only improves quality of form while exercising, but also allows you to perform more complex and difficult exercises, while also improving overall quality of life.

As with working out, one of the main reasons people don’t stretch is TIME. In a perfect world free of obligation, I’d ask my clients to stretch for thirty minutes every day, ideally in my 30 minute Yoga Stretch session!

But, if you can’t devote thirty minutes to stretching your full body, it’s important to at least target some of the most crucial areas that support your frame and allow for daily function. These areas are the Hips and Psoas.

To help you improve your flexibility, fitness level, and quality of life, here are 2 stretches that you can perform in as little as 90 seconds each!

1 ) Psoas Stretch

The Psoas is a muscle that connects your upper body to your lower body. It supports hip mobility and flexion, allowing you to walk, run, lunge, squat, and rotate your hips. Symptoms of a tight Psoas include lower back pain, leg pain, pelvic pain, and even bladder and digestive issues.

To Stretch the Psoas, rest on one knee, with the opposite leg set at 90 degrees. Lean your pelvis forward while keeping your torso upright or even slightly leaned back if possible. You should feel a stretch running down the groin area/front of your hip and thigh. Perform this stretch for 90 second or longer on each leg.

2) Hip (Pigeon) Stretch

Your hips support your entire frame, providing balance and stability whether in motion or stationary. They are a ball and socket joint crucial to mobility, flexibility, and daily function. Symptoms of tight hips can include lower back pain, knee pain, difficulty walking, and loss of mobility.

To stretch your hips, set one leg flat on the floor at 90 degrees (or as close to 90 as you can manage). The opposite leg should be flat underneath you. Start by keeping your torso upright and pushing your energy back until you feel a stretch along the outer hip and glute area. If capable, you can increase the stretch by lowering your torso forward and to the floor. Perform this stretch for 90 seconds or longer on each leg.

For more information on stretching and to improve your overall flexibility, mobility, and quality of life, sign up today for a FREE TRIAL SESSION!

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